Braid.Stone.Needle together with Sanna Svedestedt Carboo at MUSA, Gothenburg 2021. 
Annelie and Sanna works in different materials but they both feel a strong  attraction to braids, soft stones and pinetrees. In the exhibition Braid.Stone.Needle their expressions meet, when Annelie interprets Sannas pieces in to her own picture world. The story that’s been drawn has in return inspired Sanna to create new jewellery and objects, to be carried by HER who is appering in the pictures.

Drawn to the Line together with Petra Börner at Teckningsmuseet in Lahom, 2020.
“Petra Börner and Annelie Carlström both work with a focused expression that is characterized by a strong sense of the craft and the material. With great sensitivity, they explore subjects that revolve around man and nature. Their stylistically different universes have a similar intensity that complements and enriches each other. The exhibition features a wide range of commercial assignments, sketches and free artworks”
-Frida Talik, Artistic Leader at Teckningsmuseet.

Annelie Carlström + Snickarbacken 7 at Snickarbacken 7 in Stockholm, 2018.
Annelie has worked with a serie of images that explores fictional mother/daughter portraits. In the show you can also see artworks with animals, plants and a few fashion illustrations.

Unfinished-Reconstructed at Wolvenstraat in Amsterdam, 2014.
The project Unfinished-Reconstructed started out as a small book in which Annelie showed her incomplete drawings, made for various commissions in the past years. She has now developed the material from the book in to seven new artworks called Unfinished-Reconstructed. The old drawings in a new composition and context tells a different story.