Okt 2020 For a Moment she Feels Free / MUSA
New piece For a Moment she Feels Free for the exhibition Braid.Stone.Needle that will take place at MUSA in November this year.
Brooch by amazing artist Sanna Svedestedt Carboo.

Okt 2020 Searching for Nature / MUSA
New piece Searching for Nature for the exhibition Braid.Stone.Needle that will take place at MUSA in November this year.
Ear ring by amazing artist Sanna Svedestedt Carboo.

Sep 2020 Vi Läser
Portrait of Klas Östergren and his favorite word eka.

Aug 2020 Teckningsmuseet
Workshop Cutting the Line at Teckningsmuseet together with artist Petra Börner.

Aug 2020 Postnord
Sunflowers for Postnord. The illustrations were put on envelopes.

July 2020 Vi Läser
Carl-Henning Wijkmark and his favorite word for Vi Läser.

July 2020 Summer Greetings
Summer Greetings from Annelie Carlström Illustration.

July 2020 Het Parool
Illustrations to an article in Het Parool about this summer’s new cookbooks. 

May 2020 Artwork
Lady two with glasses. 

May 2020 Tiden Magazine
Cover for Tiden Magazine. During the corona pandemic the society have required that the state should solve all the problems. Even parties that normally want to phase out the state's importance have demanded tax financed solutions. Tiden Magazine analyzes if this is the return of the state as we knew it. The illustration is a paraphrase of an illustration made in the 40's, that supposed to illustrate how the state would protect it's citizens.

Feb 2020 Teckningsmuseet
Opening for the exhibition Drawn to the Line at Teckningsmuseet togehter with artist Petra Börner.

“Petra Börner and Annelie Carlström both work with a focused expression that is characterized by a strong sense of the craft and the material. With great sensitivity, they explore subjects that revolve around man and nature. Their stylistically different universes have a similar intensity that complements and enriches each other. The exhibition features a wide range of commercial assignments, sketches and free artworks”

-Frida Talik, Artistic Leader at Teckningsmuseet.